The Simply Silver Collection

Sterling silver is a bright precious metal with a classic appeal. And while many of our signature pieces feature elements of tri-colored gold as well as silver, the Simply Silver Collection is made for the purists. Do you love silver? This exclusive collection shows off the cool hues of sterling silver in rings, pendants, belt buckles, knives and more.

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The RimRock™ Collection

Our premium RimRock Collection features stunning heirloom jewelry featuring natural earth stones. Inspired by nature,  this exclusive collection includes turquoise bracelets, onyx earrings, opal cross pendants and so much more.  While options and style vary piece to piece, this collection includes our signature design elements: tri-colored gold mixed with the cool hues of sterling silver against a deep contrast of black antique.

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Our Corporate Partnership

Championship Bull Riding (CBR) is dedicated to maintaining the strength, stamina and integrity of professional bull riding. As an organization, CBR works to put the best riders on the best bulls and deliver world-class qualified rides and entertainment to its legions of worldwide fans. Hyo Silver is a proud corporate partner of CBR and is honored to be the official buckle maker of championship bull riders.

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