Allana Ragnes
Allana Ragnes of Weatherford, Texas. Horse Trainer and Hyo Silver Ambassador.

Allana Ragnes

Weatherford, Texas
Horse Trainer
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My Country Mantra

"That'll be the day" - John Wayne; the Searchers 1956

What Drives Me or My Favorite Goals

My drive comes from those I choose to surround myself; family and friends push me and encourage me to go past my comfort zone, and that is something that has never failed me. Even when I think I can't do something, a good luck hug from mom, a solid pre-run talk with dad, and my friends telling me that I'm buying dinner if I'm out of the top, are the things that drive me in and out the arena. My relationship with Christ keeps my faith alive and on fire, and in turn has given me a blessed and beautiful life.

Three of My Favorite Things

The smell of red dirt, finding good music, and Bostocks' stuffed pretzel. (If ya know, ya know)

Why I Love Hyo Silver

Originally, I loved Hyo Silver's jewelry because of the craftsmanship behind each and piece, the pretty designs, and sparkling jewels, because what girl doesn't love shiny jewelry! Now, I love Hyo because of the people behind the company. Once I got to hear their story and the dreams behind the brand, I loved it that much more! When you call to design your dream jewelry, you get to talk to creative people that love drawing up your idea just as much as you love dreaming about it! Hyo Silver is more than a jewelry company, they are an amazing team of people that are willing and ready to be the hands behind your dreams.

How I Got Started

I started working for a cutting horse trainer in junior high and he taught me all he could about horsemanship and how to master a horse before you even get in the saddle.  After that, I started riding cutter rejects as barrel horses and worked for a barrel trainer for the summer.  That took off and I began jack potting and high school rodeoing.  In college, I went to work for Twisted J Ranch and worked under the world famous team roper and trainer, Dakota Kirchenschlager.   He taught me how to be tough in the industry and not to let people look down on me because I was young or because I was a girl.  I loved working big, strong, rope and reigning horses.  Working with guys like Lorenzo Armenta, Caesar del Cruz, and Brad Lund really gave me a whole new outlook on horsemanship and training.  I discovered where my passion really lies.

What Inspires Me

The underdogs.  Young kids who were just like me and don’t have two nickels to rub together but they never let that stop them.   You may not be able to afford that $35,000 finished horse, but you can turn a cheap trick pony into a world champion if you put your heart and mind to it.

Advice I would Give to Someone Wanting to Follow in My Footsteps

Always ask questions, and don’t take no for an answer.

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