Case Hardin

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Case Hardin

Country Music Artist & Songwriter


San Angelo, Texas

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Three of my favorite things

Family, Rodeo, and Country Music.

Who do you look up to, and why?

It’s with the unwavering support of my parents that I can continue to chase my dreams. They’ve taught me to work hard and to never take anything for granted.

Favorite quote

“The night life ain’t no good life, but it’s my life.”
– Ray Price/Willie Nelson

What motivates you?

I’ve always been highly competitive, so self-competition has always been big for me. I am constantly trying to build shows and to release music that is the best that I’ve ever done. I have goals for myself and will do everything I can to see them through. Focusing solely on myself and my music has always driven me to put out the best possible product that I can.

Something unique about you

My whole family has always rodeoed and ranched, myself included. After making it to state for talent in FFA, and making my American Idol debut during my senior year in high school, I knew that I had to leave rodeo behind in order to pursue my dreams in making real country music for fans all across the country.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Playing stadium and arena shows, all while still writing, recording, and playing my brand of real country music to those across the country.

Why I love Hyo Silver

I love Hyo Silver because of their initiative to preserve and promote the Western and cowboy way of life through their attention detail in making fine products. When I order products from Hyo Silver for myself, family, or friends, I know that it’ll be top of the line and will be the center of attention in any situation. The fact that their products are crafted right here in Texas means to me that you will get friendly and local customer care that is unmatched by any other maker of fine Western jewelry.

5 Favorite Hyo Silver products

I’m a huge gold guy. My gold Lucky Clover necklace, my gold custom Laramie buckle, my gold Classic Floral cuff, my gold custom knife, and my gold cross pendant with opal stone. I wear/use these products daily, I’m a FAN of Hyo Silver.

Case, Josie & Joanne at Hyo Silver Showroom
Case, Josie & Joanne visiting the Hyo Silver Showroom

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