Kierra Smith - Western Influencer
Kierra Smith of Rodeo Flicks

Kierra Smith

Purdon, Texas
Western Social Media Curator
Let’s Connect
Kierra Smith on Instagram
Kierra Smith on Instagram

My Country Mantra

Keepin' it Western

What Drives Me or My Favorite Goals

I'm driven by my followers who tell me they love my page and support what I do. My favorite goal is bringing rodeo people together from across the world to give them a chance to meet other like minded people when they'd never had the opportunity to meet otherwise. That's my favorite part.

Three of My Favorite Things

I love Jesus, awesome jewelry, and rodeos!

Why I Love Hyo Silver

I love Hyo Silver because it's high quality jewelry with great customer service.

How I Got Started

Ranch & Rodeo has been in my family for generations.  I have been super punchin’ as long as I can remember; it’s the only life I know.  I started my business, instagram page Rodeo Flicks, about a year ago with a crazy big dream, and the response has been more than I could have ever imagined.

What Inspires Me

I get my inspiration from my love of the rodeo and ranching lifestyle.   Running my social media page has given me the opportunity to meet numerous big time rodeo names who share the same love of the sport as I do; who are willing to share their knowledge with me.  This inspires me to share things I know and have learned with my growing 30k followers!

Advice I would Give to Someone Wanting to Follow in My Footsteps

Follow your dreams no matter how big or crazy! Don’t listen to anyone telling you it’s not a good plan or that nothing will come of it; they don’t know God’s plan for your life and the power He has over your life!

Kierra's Favorites

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