Rylie Jeffries

Luther, Oklahoma
Bull Rider
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My Country Mantra

Tomorrow is a new day.

What Drives Me or My Favorite Goals

Being the best person I can be for myself, friends, family, and fans.

Three of My Favorite Things

Family, Friends, and Rodeo

Why I Love Hyo Silver

They have done so much for me and they have treated me like family since the day I was very first sponsored. I feel right at home with Hyo Silver and all of the team is amazing! A huge "thank you" to Kristyn Ryan for walking me through it all, lining out sponsor packages sent to me, and being such a nice person. I couldn't thank Hyo Silver enough for the sponsorship and everything they do for me. It is truly a blessing and an absolute honor to be part of the Hyo Silver team and family.

How I Got Started in Rodeo

My dad rode bulls when he was younger.  Growing up, I always tried to be just like him in every way.  At the time, my buddy, Dilan, was trying his luck on riding bulls.  It got me thinking, I really think I have what it takes to do that too.   This was about 7 years ago, I was sitting in school and called my dad and told him “hey dad, I want to start riding bulls”, and that’s where it all began.  I didn’t start on sheep or calves, I went straight to steers for under a year, then jumped right into the big bulls.  I knew I had it coming for me making that big of a move so soon, but it’s that rush I live for.

What Inspires Me

Giving back to the community, getting to travel the world, meeting new people, seeing new places, and making my family proud.  Seeing my family smile when I do well and knowing it makes them proud is one one of the best feelings in the world.  I’m inspired to make enough money to take care of my family, like they have taken care of me.  Of course, the Lord above is my biggest inspiration.

Advice I would Give to Someone Wanting to Follow in My Footsteps

Be the best you can be.  You never know who you are talking to, but always know who’s watching you.  Keep your faith moving straight down the line.

Where I Compete

I compete in the PBR, PRCA, and I travel all across Mexico for the Cuernos Chuecos

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