Jacob Bryant Hyo Silver Ambassador

Jacob Bryant: Ambassador

If you love country music, you’ve probably heard of Jacob Bryant or at least you will soon. Jacob is no stranger to a guitar and performing. He just released his first full length album Practice What I Preach in February of 2019 which debuted as #1 on the iTunes Country Chart. The album is gold and accolades from industry critics have been cheering his name, “Jacob Bryant may not be a household name yet, but if he continues to release country music as exciting and consistent as Practice What I Preach, then he will be one of the greats of his generation.”

Greg Victor from Parcbench.live said, “if you consider yourself a true country music fan, and you prefer substance, honesty, and bona fide musicianship, then Jacob Bryant is the artist you need to hear now.”

At Hyo Silver, we love to rock out to Jacob Bryant’s anthems and are so proud to see our signature pendants proudly around his neck. Jacob’s blue eyes, charming smile and country-style are hard to beat but Jacob said it best, “I care about reaching people with my songs, and I want to touch people through music. Music shouldn’t be about being famous or money. It’s about a bond between you and I. I hope my story touches you.” We are honored to have this blossoming country star from Jasper, GA as a Hyo Silver ambassador.

Jacob Bryant Arrowhead Pendant
Pendant for Country Music Star

Jacob Bryant is rocking our signature Arrowhead Pendant in Silver & Rose Gold.


A Few of Jacob’s Favorites

Jacob Bryant has a custom made Blackjack Belt Buckle to match his album.

Jacob Bryant Feather Pendant
Feather Pendant

Jacob Bryant shows off the essence of the wild west with the Feather Pendant.

Jacob Bryant Arrowhead Pendant

Jacob Bryant shows off this country and rock with the Arrowhead Pendant.

Jacob says he loves Hyo Silver because of the “great people and amazing product that are true to the old way of doing things; crafting beautiful pieces by hand.” Jacob wears a signature pendant often but also has gifted designs to to his fiance. Look how stunning she looks in these feather earrings!

Feather Earrings

We have all undergone some tough times. Jacob’s music honors true-life challenging times and is inspired by the loss of him mom on New Year’s Day in 2010, past hurt, addiction, and a divorce. Songs like “Save My Soul,” “This Side of Sober,” and “Pour Whiskey on My Grave” are celebrated as biographical anthems.

At 8 years old, Jacob’s dad gave him his first guitar. He never looked back. Growing up with music was a focus in his life. Jacob Bryant has been writing and performing on the road since graduating high school. He is a confident performer and a passionate storyteller. His music honors traditional country music with a hard hitting Southern Rock sound, “It’s country music done my way,” says Bryant.


Watch Country Done My Way Mini Documentary!


Listen to Practice What I Preach on Spotify!

You can keep up with his tour schedule at jacobbryantmusic.com.


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