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Mother’s Day Is Special

Mother’s Day 2021 is approaching very quickly, falling on May 9th this year, but this great tradition dates back much further. Our modern celebration of good ol’ mom started in 1908 and had become popularized as an American holiday and celebrated nationally by the 1930s and 1940s. Traditionally this day is for celebrating the legacy a mother creates by presenting her with gifts and flowers. The holiday also honors all the sacrifices every mother makes for her children every single day.

Now celebrated throughout the world, Mother’s Day is a wonderful time to reflect on the impact mothers have on our lives and the legacies they create. The greatest gift a mother can give is her knowledge and compassion. Here at Hyo Silver, we’re extra thankful for mothers all year round. In fact, Hyo Silver is a company founded by a mom and on creating an enduring legacy!

Mother and Daughter Team at Hyo SilverFounded in 1999 by Joanne Symons, those serving Hyo Silver now include her own daughter, Josie Symons. A dynamic mother-daughter duo, they head up the company that produces your favorite western inspired jewelry. The current President and Vice President of Hyo Silver, Joanne and Josie show a tightknit bond between mother and daughter to anyone they meet. Now, this legacy business will eventually include Josie’s own son, Augustus, who is just a year old! It is truly a family-run and family-first business they have created at Hyo Silver.

Wondering how to show your mom appreciation for the legacy she’s left you? Check out our current Spring Collection featuring the perfect mom gifts. You might just find something special for each of you. Our newest collections will suit any mom. Consider Hyo Silver in your shopping plans this year and you’ll be buying jewelry meant to stand the test of time, just like mom’s legacy!

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