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Top 10 Reasons Hyo Silver Fans are the Best

2017 Summer Selfie Contest

Don’t miss our 2017 Summer Selfie Contest. Share your #hyosilverselfie on or before August 9th, for a chance to win some awesome prizes.The 2017 Grand Prize includes a Hyo Silver branded selfie stick, tshirt, ball cap and a $300 gift card to Hyo Silver! Ten runner ups will also receive a Hyo Silver prize pack featuring a branded selfie stick, tshirt and ball cap. Photos must be submitted by August 9, 2017 to be considered for prizes. Share your pictures with us and have a great summer!

Summer Selfie Image

2016 Summer Selfie Contest

Our 2016 Summer Selfie Contest has come to an end. We loved seeing all your #hyosilverselfie pictures and encourage you to keep sharing these on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We regularly feature our favorite fan photos in our emails, social channels and on

And now, we are thrilled to announce and share the winners!

Ten fan pictures received honorable mentions and will be awarded a Hyo Silver prize pack that includes an official #hyosilverselfie selfie stick, a Hyo Silver branded ball cap, and an official Hyo Silver t-shirt. Our Grand Prize Winner will also receive the Hyo Silver prize pack plus a $300 gift card to shop Hyo Silver.

Thank you for loving Hyo Silver as much as we do. Hyo Silver fans are the best!

Here are the top 10 reasons why…

Top 10 Reasons Hyo Fans are the Best

#10 |  Hyo Silver fans have beautiful smiles.

Summer Selfie Contest

Selfie Contest

Obsessed with Hyo Silver!! #hyosilverselfie

#9 | They love their family…

Summer Selfie Contest


#8 | And they love man’s best friend.

Summer Selfie Contest

#hyosilverselfie just need some bling for my pup, Pistol!

#7 | Of course, they love tacos.

Summer Selfie Contest

Showing off my gorgeous cross ring while stuffing my face with tacos! #hyosilverselfie

#6 | They have skills… ice cream skills.

Hyo Selfie Summer Contest

I was told to work at DQ? #hyosilverselfie

#5 |  They do #cowboystuff.

Hyo Summer Cowboy Selfie

Rocking the rodeo with my #hyosilvernecklace #hyosilverselfie

#4 | And they do #cowgirlstuff.

Summer Selfie Contest

#repost #hyosilverselfie

#3 | Our fans are adventurous!

Hyo SIlver Summer Selfie Contest

Brought a little bit of Hyo Silver to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon! #hyosilverselfie

#2 | …And they enjoy the great outdoors!


The Two things God has blessed me throughout my life are the following: #1 How to enjoy every single minute with your family as many times as possible. #2 Lastly, God taught me how to be one heck of a fisherman…. #FishOn #HyoSilverSelfie

And the number one reason…

#1 | They LOVE Texas.

Hyo Summer Selfie

God Bless Texas #hyosilversummer
Summer Selfie Contest

Life in Texas is the only way to live. #hyosummerselfie
This is our 2016 Summer #hyosilverselfie Contest Grand Prize Winner.


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