Devotion Forever Ring Set (Forever Set 5)

Devotion Forever Ring Set

$ 595.00


Say “I love you” with this stunning his and her Devotion Forever Ring Set by Hyo Silver.

Her Ring Dimensions: 3/8 in. Wide.

Picture shows the following options for her ring:  Silver Scrolls & Silver Background with Yellow Gold Brand and 7 mm Cubic Zirconia Solitaire and accent stones.

His Ring Dimensions: 3/8 in. Wide

Picture shows the following options for his ring:  Silver Scrolls & Silver Background and Yellow Gold Brand.

Made from Sterling Silver and/or  1/10th 10k Gold Overlay when using order form options.

Solid White Gold and Yellow Gold quotes are available upon request (approx $1600 ea.)

Can be purchased individually: His $250 & Her $345.