Custom Pendants by Hyo Silver

Custom Pendants

Personalize a truly one-of-a-kind custom sterling silver pendant or charm with Hyo Silver. Browse our selection of silver Cross Pendants, Dog Tags, Branded Pendants, and more. From classic styles to colorful gemstones, create an expression that is uniquely you. Find your western flair with our Background Style guide and Silver Chains.

  • Custom Alpha Cross

  • Custom Cow Tag Pendant

  • Custom Stone & Crystal Cross

  • Custom Tall Cross Pendant

  • Custom Chroma Cross Pendant

  • Custom Arrowhead Pendant

  • Custom RimRock Scroll & Crystal Cross

  • Custom Carver Cross

  • Custom Lineman Cross

  • Thunderbolt Custom Pendant

  • Custom Tall Cross Pendant w/ Accent Stones

  • Custom Roper Cross Pendant


Custom Pendants

Whether you’re on the hunt for a unique birthday or anniversary gift, or want to commemorate a special occasion like graduation to show how much you care, Hyo Silver has the perfect jewelry. Creating a custom made necklace charm isn’t as hard as you may think. The Design Team at Hyo Silver is delighted to work with customers to create custom pendants and charms to show you or your loved ones unique style and personal story.

Choose from our collection of customizable necklace pendants and charms. Your personalized pendant or charm starts with a sterling silver base and moves to a wide range of customization options like the addition of birth gemstones, colored crystals, solid gold overlays, and more. It is also not uncommon to custom engrave these necklace pendants with a short special message, initials, or name. A unique custom made necklace pendant and charm from Hyo Silver will surely be treasured forever. Each custom sterling silver pendant is designed from your story and lifestyle, meaning no two jewelry pieces will ever be alike. If you need inspiration, search through our custom made chain pendants design gallery for extensive options.