Western pendants


The beauty of nature and Western tradition inspired by Texas, Hyo Silver brings you our eye-catching Pendant collection. With an assortment of styles and designs to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect and exquisite timeless pendant design to fit any style or occasion!


The beauty of nature and western tradition inspire Hyo Silver’s handcrafted pendants. Our collection of sterling silver pendants include eye-catching feathers, arrows, teardrops, hearts, angel wings, cowboy designs, and faith symbols. All of our signature western necklace designs feature intricate detailing and artistic flourishes set in a solid sterling silver base.

An Assortment of Styles and Designs

Each western pendant design is embellished with elegant hues of 10 or 14k yellow or rose gold or silver overlays in true Hyo Silver style. Our silver chain pendants feature distinctive and deeply contrasting black antiqued backgrounds or subtle balanced backgrounds of silver or oxidized silver. A wide assortment of alluring stones or genuine RimRock™ gemstones of topaz, turquoise, onyx, and jasper add a captivating and personal touch. The effect is an exquisitely timeless pendant design to fit any style or occasion. Browse our collection to find the right pendent to enhance your signature style.