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At Hyo Silver, we pride ourselves in creating lasting heirloom quality personalized earrings you and your loved ones will surely adore. Our talented jewelry artisans incorporate symbols and images from Western tradition to stay true to our roots. These lovely custom engraved earrings are an excellent way to add a bit of sparkle and shine to someone’s everyday look. We possess unparalleled attention to detail and dedication to the craft and design of your Western earrings. Some of the different styles in this Western earrings collection include the classic teardrop, cow tag post, and many more. Each pair of custom earrings can be personalized with a combination of precious metals and semi-precious gemstones like sterling silver, rose gold, yellow gold, turquoise, cubic zirconia, crystals from Swarovski, and amethysts. We offer a wide variety of possible additions to these earrings to exemplify your real personality. Our silver artisans work tirelessly to design gorgeous pieces that we’re confident our customers will love