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Spurs are one of the distinctive pieces of equipment that have been used by horsemen throughout the ages. During the era of chivalry, spurs symbolized an emblem of rank. One could tell the status of the wearer by the spurs. In modern times, Western cowboy spurs are used for the function of communicating with horses and as a fashionable way to show one’s style. They are made up of three main components: the band, the shank, and the rowel – each of which adds its own character to the appearance of the spur. Customize our silver spurs to be as plain or as decorated as you like. We offer decorative accents, engravings, rowel ends, bowel ends, and many more to achieve the perfect custom Western spur that fits your personality. Explore these Hyo Silver spurs that are as beautiful as they are practical with their great attention to detail. Enjoy the timeless design of these custom cowboy spurs.