Background Styles for Pendants Rings & Accessories

Background Styles for Western Accessories

Learn about all the Background Styles Hyo Silver has to offer and find your favorite to feature on your next custom jewelry design. Each Background Style features our unique scrollwork that’ll accent around your brand or lettering on any of our sterling silver pendants, rings, gifts, and more.

What is a Background Style?

Hyo Silver has many different Background Styles to accentuate your custom piece. A Background Style consists of the scroll type like Overlay Scrolls with your choice of Background Color or Engraved Scrolls that can be bright silver or oxidized for contrast.

What are Overlay Scrolls?

Overlay Scrolls are individually hand-cut from sheet metal, engraved with scrolling details and soldered atop the base of the jewelry for a 3-dimensional design. These hand-cut scrolls can be 1/10th 10K gold-filled Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, or Sterling Silver with your choice of Background Color that flows around in either Silver, Oxidized or Black antiquing.

What are the Background Colors?

The Background Color is the coloring that surrounds Overlay Scrolls. There are no background colors for Engraved Scrolls as they are directly engraved into the silver.

Silver is simply silver. It has a bright textured finish for a more luminescent and bold style that glows below your choice of Overlay Scrolls and additional details. Oxidized is a chemical process we use to accelerate the natural tarnishing of silver. For more of a grey or shaded style, the Oxidized Background is for those who want to stand out but without having a stark pop like silver or black antique has. Black antiquing is a black enamel jewelers paint that is painted in-between the Overlay Scrolls and any other details your piece may showcase. This dark background adds contrast that reckons a classic Hyo Silver western style. Keep in mind that over time the black enamel may chip with wear, but we do offer Complimentary Refurbishing to bring it back to life.

Silver Overlay Scrolls

Yellow Gold Overlay Scrolls

Rose Gold Overlay Scrolls

What are Engraved Scrolls?

Hand engraving is an age-old art form that’s used to create our beautiful pieces with only a hand engraver, sheet metal and mastered skill. The engraved scrolls embellish your custom piece with infinite and precise details that make your item one-of-a-kind, and a piece of art. Bright Silver Engraved Scrolls are hand-engraved silver scrolls that do not contain any oxidizing or dark tones for a brightly bold – shining design. Our Vintage Engraved Silver Scrolls is the opposite! This background style features the same intricate scrolling but includes oxidizing for a contrasting design. The vintage style gives your custom the flair of the old west and helps accentuate your initials, brand, or lettering metal.

Engraved Scrolls

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