Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Hyo Silver’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). We hope you find your answer, but if you don’t, please Contact Us for help.

Do you offer gift cards?

Give the perfect gift with a Hyo Silver eGift Card!

When will my order ship?

Orders are typically processed and shipped within 1 business day Monday through Friday.  See full Shipping Info DetailsPlease Note: Due to Covid-19, UPS is not honoring guaranteed delivery dates. Thanks for your understanding.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following methods of payment: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Klarna & PayPal. Items are charged to your credit card when the order is submitted. If an item is on back-order, we will notify you via email with the proposed ship date.

What is your Purchase Policy?

Visit our Satisfaction Policy for full product warranty and purchase policy details.

What is your Exchange Policy?

Visit our Exchange Policy for full exchange details.

How much would it cost to clean my Hyo product?

We offer complimentary cleaning, buffing, and antiquing for life at our store location in Bandera, Texas. Customers are responsible for shipping charges. Customers shipping their items into the store should use the Service Request Form.

How do I clean and care for my Hyo product(s)?

Clean jewelry with Hyo Silver Gentle Cleaner. Polish jewelry with Hyo Silver Polishing Cloth. Wear silver often as worn silver requires less cleaning. See full Cleaning & Care Instructions here

My Hyo item is in need of repair. Do you offer these services?

Our one year warranty, beginning on the day of purchase, protects against manufacturer defects, under normal use of the product. We reserve the right to inspect the item to determine if it has been abused in any way, including exposure to harsh chemicals or damaging impacts. During the one year warranty, there is no cost on repairs for manufacturer defects, only shipping charges. For items not covered under warranty, we offer repair and refurbishing services at a reasonable rate. Our Service Request Form is available to print on our website for you convenience.

I broke my chain. Do you warranty them?

Chains are warrantied for manufacturers’ defects.; parts and findings that wear with use or break from impact damage are not covered under warranty. We can replace most chain parts at a minimal charge and shipping fees.

I placed my order yesterday, but today I found another item I want to add to my order. What should I do?

Once an order is completed, the next order is treated as a totally separate order. Another order will have to be placed. If the item(s) are in stock, we ship the same or next business day. There is a chance that your order has not been shipped out if you ordered close to the end of the day. Call as soon as possible with your additional order to save on shipping charges.

I love my Hyo ring, but it’s not my size. What can I do?

There is a 60 day exchange period of which you may exchange for a different sized stock ring. Rings are available in full and half sizes. For custom items or when ordering online, we recommend you get sized for the band width you are ordering. For our ring styles that have a band width of less than a ¼, typical ring sizes will equate. For our ring styles with bands 3/8 inch or wider, it may be necessary to go up a ½ or whole size from your typical “skinny band” measurement. Because customers are responsible for ordering the correct size, we recommend being sized for the width of band you are ordering to ensure accurate measurement. Rings may vary within a ¼ size. To send your ring in for exchange use the Exchange Form.

Can you re-size my Hyo Silver ring?

Many of the styles of rings we produce contain a continuing pattern around the band for which re-sizing is not recommended. Although we offer sizing on these ring styles, sizing these types of rings will break the continuing scroll pattern on the back of the band, and potentially leave a small gap. Sizing is only recommended for items that are non-exchangeable, like items past the 60 day exchange period or Custom Orders. Rings can be sized within one full size down or up. To send your ring in for sizing, use the Service Request Form.

Can you set a diamond in a Hyo Silver ring?

Our company does not handle diamonds but customers wanting diamonds set in a Hyo Silver ring do have a few options: Customers can purchase Hyo Silver rings with our standard stone and setting, then when they are ready to replace the created stone with a diamond, they have a local jeweler mount their diamond with a white gold or yellow gold setting. The other option is to special order the ring with no stone or setting in our standard sterling silver and gold overlay material or our solid white or yellow gold options (call for quote) and have a local jeweler mount the diamond with a gold setting. Feel free to contact us at 877-796-7961 to speak with a designer about options. See more details in the Custom Order Guide.

I would like to have some buckles made for my organization. What can you do for me?

We offer an array of buckle shapes and designs to fit your style and budget. Discounts for buckle orders start at six buckles. At Hyo Silver, we do not charge a customization fee on buckles. We strive to amaze every customer with our unique and innovative designs, superior customer service, and competitive prices. Call one of our highly qualified designers today to start creating your organization’s buckles that are sure to “wow” your members. Browse our Custom Buckle Styles!

I would like to personalize one of your products with my brand. Do you do custom work?

We offer many customizable products. Our experienced and innovative designers can create unique pieces to your specification. Initials, brands, figures and logos are popular customization options. Of course, not all ideas will work with our pieces. However, our talented designers will take your ideas and use their expert knowledge to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind piece of art for you. To ensure customer satisfaction, all designs must be approved by the customer before production; a 50% deposit is required to start production. Please contact one of our Design Associates and design your custom piece today! Browse the Custom Gallery to get started! View the Custom Order Guide for full details on the process.

I can’t purchase the Hyo item I want online. What can I do?

Not every Hyo Silver item is available for purchase online. Customers may call into our office at 877-796-7961 to check on the availability of the item or inquire about a custom order. Even if an item is “out of stock” online, we may have it at our store location. If the item is out of stock at our store location, we will be glad to help you with a back-order. A friendly Hyo Silver representative will be happy to assist you.

What are your products made from?

In order to provide high quality products, we use solid sterling silver and 1/10th 10k gold fill overlay on all of our pieces, twice as much gold as 1/20th, which is commonly used in the industry. In the case of solid gold rings (special order only), the layered detail is also solid gold. Although we never create plated jewelry items, customers may order plated buckles instead of solid buckles to match their budget.

Are Hyo ear posts hypoallergenic?

Not all. Some earring styles have sterling silver posts and others have surgical stainless steel posts (hypoallergenic). Check the description of the product to see the contents of the posts to make the best decision for you. People who are not sensitive to silver should not experience any allergic reaction.

I lost one of my Hyo earrings. Do I have to purchase a complete new set to replace it?

At Hyo Silver, we understand that accidents happen. If one of the earrings you purchase from us is lost or destroyed, and is not a closeout item, you may purchase another pair from us for one-half the price of the new pair, when you ship the remaining earring back to us.

My friend purchased one of your products and I loved it so much that I ordered one too. It looks great, but it is slightly different than my friend’s product. Is this normal?

Some jewelry stores manufacture massive amounts of products using “cookie-cutter” techniques. Unlike these stores, Hyo Silver items are individually created by our artisans and contain subtle variations, making each piece unique. It is completely normal to have slight variations from one piece to another.

What are the benefits of Rhodium plating and how long does it last?

Rhodium plating has many benefits including increased brightness, durability, and radiance. Also, since rhodium is a relatively strong metal it makes your jewelry more resistant to scratches and less prone to tarnishing. It is also nickel-free, meaning it’s hypoallergenic. So for those that have a nickel allergy, rhodium plating may be a better option. The length of time that rhodium plating typically lasts is 12-24 months and depends on several factors: frequency that the item is worn, daily activities such as handwashing/hand sanitizer application, body chemistry and normal wear and tear. Water containing chlorine such as pools or hot tubs is very harsh on rhodium plating.


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