Jewelry Cleaning and Care

With proper cleaning and care, your Hyo Silver will retain its beauty and luster for generations to come. Please follow these care and cleaning instructions.

IMPORTANT: In accordance with health and safety guidelines, we are all increasing our use of hand sanitizer. Please remove Hyo Silver jewelry, especially rings, before applying hand sanitizer. The chemicals in hand sanitizer are very harsh on sterling silver jewelry and will accelerate tarnishing and remove any treatments like rhodium plating and antique backgrounds quicker.

General Care

Protect your jewelry from impacts against hard or abrasive surfaces. Regularly examine your jewelry to ensure settings, clasps, and joinings are secure. Typically, silver that is worn regularly requires less cleaning.

Hyo Silver recommends wearing jewelry daily and removing jewelry for water-related or labor-intensive activities. Jewelry containing black antique background, oxidized designs, or gemstones can be damaged by cosmetics, extreme temperatures, household chemicals, and ultrasonic cleaning.

Cleaning at Home

To clean your jewelry, we recommend using the Hyo Silver Jewelry Cleaning Kit. This kit contains Hyo Silver Gentle Cleaner and a polishing cloth, which are safe for all Hyo Silver products and stone types. Do not use any unapproved products on Hyo Silver jewelry as they may damage the items and void the warranty.

  • Clean jewelry with Hyo Silver Gentle Cleaner
  • Polish jewelry with Hyo Silver Polishing Cloth
  • Wear your silver jewelry often, as worn silver requires less cleaning

Complimentary Professional Cleaning

Hyo Silver provides complimentary professional cleaning for all Hyo Silver jewelry. If your jewelry is in need of some extra love, send it in for free professional cleaning. Just pay shipping when applicable. Submit your jewelry with our Service Request Form. Once your service request has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation with an estimated completion date and service order number.

Tarnishing & Skin Discoloration

Tarnishing is a natural process of silver. Tarnish and other chemical reactions such as metallic abrasion and corrosion, which may cause skin discoloration after contact with skin or silver, can be attributed to and expedited by salt, salt air, cosmetics, lotions, hand sanitizer, sulphur compounds, PH imbalance (body chemistry), and many other household chemicals. The best resolutions for silver tarnish is to avoid chemicals, wear jewelry daily, and follow the cleaning and care tips included with the Hyo Silver Jewelry Cleaner Kit. For more information regarding skin discoloration due to tarnished silver, please view Banish the Tarnish.

Rhodium Plated Jewelry

Hyo Silver offers a collection of jewelry that is rhodium plated, which is a precious metal treatment on top of the sterling silver that increases the brilliance of the item and gives the silver a reflective cool tone. To keep your rhodium-plated items looking their best, we recommend you clean with our Hyo Silver Jewelry Cleaner and polishing cloth. Rhodium plating typically lasts 1-2 years, which may vary with frequency of wear and use of chemicals (hand sanitizer, water with chlorine, etc). Hyo Silver offers a replating at a reasonable service fee when you send your item in with our Service Request Form.

Feel free to contact a friendly Hyo Silver representative for with any product care inquiries.

Thank you!


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