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Hyo Silver knows its customers spend a great deal of time shopping and trying to decide on the perfect design to complete their collection or to gift for a special occasion. We pride ourselves on a wide collection of signature designs inspired by our heritage in the wild west. With such a large selection, it is not always simple to decide on the perfect piece and especially with options for stone color, size or even metal type. And occasionally popular products can be temporarily out of stock, especially when we need to restock specific sizes. We want to help with this customer experience, and that is why HyoSilver.com has two features to assist: Wishlists and Waitlists.


Want to let someone know what designs you have your eye on? Or at least narrow down choices for an engagement ring, birthday, or graduation gift? Or perhaps you just want to track your favorite signature Hyo Silver designs? Wishlists are available for you to track and store a list of designs that you would like. You have the option to keep this wishlist private (for your eyes only!) or share it — it’s up to you!

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Wishlists are stored within an individual’s user account. Please login or register for an account to create a wishlist.

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You may have several lists stored under your account. For example, you could create a list for “Christmas Ideas for John” or “My Favorite Designs.” To add an item to a list, or create a list, simply click on the “Add to Wishlist” button on any product page once logged in to the website. You will have the option to add to an existing list or to create a new list. Each individual list has privacy settings. You can select: private, public, or shared.

  • Public – Anyone can search for and see this list. You can also share using a link.
  • Shared – Only people with the link can see this list. It will not appear in public search results.
  • Private – Only you can see this list.

Once a list is created you can review or access it in the “My Account” section. Please make sure you are logged in. Wishlists are here to make your shopping and gift giving experience most enjoyable so please contact us at customerservice@hyosilver.com if you have questions about wishlists.


Did you see a ring you loved but it is currently out of stock in your size? We try hard to keep our designs available but occasionally popular designs may be temporarily out of stock. We know this is frustrating, especially when you need the size 7 ring and only the 6 ½ and 7 ½ sizes are available. We don’t want you to have to keep checking the website for availability. Let us send you an email when we are ready to take your order. Once a particular design is selected on HyoSilver.com that is out of stock, you will be prompted to “Join a Waitlist.” If you are logged in, we already have your email and with one click you will be signed up for a notification email. If you are not logged in, you will be asked to provide your email. Once our inventory is updated you will automatically receive an email.


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