Country Love Forever Ring Set


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Make it a RimRock™
A Turquoise Wedding Ring for the Country Lovin’ Lady!

Say “I love you” with this stunning his and her Country Love Forever Ring Set by Hyo Silver.  Incorporate blue turquoise in your wedding ring or choose from a variety of turquoise colors or RimRock™ selections.  Browse choices in the ordering form!
Her Ring Dimensions: 3/4 in. Front Band Width and  1/8 in. Back Band Width.
Picture shows the following options for her ring:  Vintage Engraved Scrolls, Rose Gold Lettering & Leaf with a 9 x 7 oval Blue Turquoise w/ Copper Matrix.
His Ring Dimensions: 3/8 in.  Band Width.
Picture shows the following options for his ring:  Vintage Engraved Scrolls with Rose Gold Lettering.
Made from Sterling Silver and/or  1/10th 10k Gold Overlay when using order form options.
Solid White Gold and Yellow Gold quotes are available upon request (approx $1600 each).
Rings are available for individual purchase by submitting ordering details for only the desired ring in the form below.

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