Summer Selfie Winners

How We Spent Our Summer

Summer is winding down and with it our 2017 Summer Selfie Contest has come to a close. Your #hyosilverselfie submissions made our summer all the more fun. We loved seeing your adventures, smiling faces, animal friends, and some very special moments. Thank you for entering our contest and for spreading Hyo Silver love.

But just because our contest has ended doesn’t mean it’s time to stop sharing. Keep posting your #hyosilverselfie pictures to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We regularly feature our favorites on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and on our homepage and in our emails.

And so without further ado, we are thrilled to announce and share the winners! Ten fan pictures received honorable mentions and will be awarded a Hyo Silver prize pack that includes an official #hyosilverselfie selfie stick, a Hyo Silver branded ball cap, and an official Hyo Silver T-shirt. Our Grand Prize Winner will also receive the Hyo Silver prize pack plus a $300 gift card to shop Hyo Silver.

Hyo Silver fans share
their best summer highlights.

2017 Summer Selfie Contest Winners


We reached milestones in our lives.

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

Graduated Fire Academy! Runner-Up: Justin
That face you make when you’re graduating from the Fire Academy in less than 48 hours? On top of that I get to wear my custom @hyo_silver pendant when I walk the stage. #Brotherhood #FireService #HyoSilverSelfie

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

Graduated High School! Runner-Up: Falie
Mom’s Class Ring ft My HYO SILVER class ring.


And promises in our hearts.

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

Best Friends Forever! Runner-Up: Cara
Friends who get Hyo together, stay together! #hyosilverselfie

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

To a Lifetime of Love. Runner-Up: Bobbieanne
Loving my engagement ring from Hyo Silver! 


There was plenty of horsing around…

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

For the Love of Horses! Runner-Up: Amanda
Summer is for horsin’ around in your Hyo✌.

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

Horses + Vacation = Fun! Runner-Up: Whitney 
Take me back to the lake. . .  I cannot believe I go back to work next week. Summer is too short!

Summer Selfie Winner

Every Horse Deserves the Love of a Girl! Runner-Up: Rowdee (aka Mom)
Annee Jo is 9 months, loves riding her horse Fred (that is in the background) and playing with her dogs. She is wearing my necklace and her grandpa Joe’s calf roping belt buckle both made by Hyo Silver! 😊


But we squeezed in some
work at the ranch, too!

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

A True Cowgirl. Runner-Up: cowgirlcodi
She might be a little spoilt lol. She gets her own cube pile. #cattle #cows #futurecowvet #cattlewoman #feeding #beefmaster #sundayfunday #sansaba #spenceranch #hyosilverselfie #raybans

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

The Cutest Cowboy. Runner-Up: Abby (aka Mom)
Brighton John Wayne #hyosilverselfie

Summer Selfie Contest Winner

A Class Act. Runner-Up: Victoria
My show steer and I love showing off my customized class ring from Hyo Silver!


The best part of our summer was…

Soaking up sun in the Texas Hill Country!

Grand Prize Winner of Summer Selfie ContestHyo Silver Summer Sun-sation. Grand Prize Winner: Chelsea M.
Well I found out about this contest TODAY, so sure I’m gonna enter it! I’ve had this necklace for going on 10 years now. Decided I would let my buck wear it for this photo. Now how’s that for somethin’ different, Hyo?! #hyosilverselfie #getbuck


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