Cody Mills

Cody Mills

Country Influencer / Ranch Manager


Bandera & Harper, Texas

Tell Us A Little About Yourself..

I am a ranch manager/outfitter/guide – day to day running a cattle and exotic operation tending to the everyday needs.  Throughout the year I run hunts in Sonora & Bandera overall managing just under a 25,000 acres.   In five years I’d like to own my first piece of land and start my own hunting outfit and cattle ranch.  I am a proud Texas native that is trying to keep ranching alive.

Who Do I Look Up To?

My father and my grandfather.  They both taught me how to work hard and be respectful and polite.

Country Motto/Quote

“You gotta keep going. What am I gonna do quit? That’s not an option. You gotta keep on keepin’ on. Life’s a garden, dig it and make it work for you. You never give up.” – Joe Dirt

Three of My Favorites Things

God, my family and the beautiful outdoors.

What Drives Me

Knowing each day I have the opportunity to learn something new.


Youngest Pro Staff member for the Texas Trophy Hunters Association

Why I love Hyo Silver

Quality jewelry that stands out above the rest and can withstand wear and tear.


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