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The Special Meaning of the Angel Wing Pendant

We’ve all heard the saying “you have an angel on your shoulders.” It can be comforting in hard times to know that someone is looking out for us. Angels are believed to be messengers that love, support, heal, and guide us.

To capture this beautiful sentiment, Hyo Silver is proud to release its new divine sterling silver Angel Wing Pendant. Designed in the heart of the beautiful hill country in Bandera, TX at Hyo Silver HQ, this heirloom-quality angel wing charm aims to bring comfort in times of grief and to serve as a symbol of protection, love, honor, and faith.The angel wing necklace was inspired by the desire to honor the memory of loved ones we have lost along the journey and as a token of remembrance for those lost, but never forgotten.

Symbol of protection, love, honor and faith.

Angel Wing Jewelry
NEW Design for 2019

Most of us know what it feels like to lose someone truly dear to us. While the person may be unseen and unheard, they are missed, still deeply loved, and kept near to our hearts. This Silver Angel Wing Pendant is a thoughtful sympathy gift or remembrance for yourself. Its signature design is carefully created by first casting an intricately designed .925 sterling silver base and then soldering and engraving the various details within each aspect of the wing and feathers.

Angel Wing PendantHyo Silver Vice President Josie Symons reflected: “Throughout the many valued connections that we have established with our customers here at Hyo Silver, many personal stories have been shared with us from our customers along the way—stories that brought tremendous amounts of joy for them, and other stories that brought them great sorrow. Listening to the hearts of our customers and the sorrow that some have experienced and shared, brought forth a genuine desire to create a significantly symbolic keepsake for all of the hearts that have experienced loss.”



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