Photos of Brisket, Ribs & BBQ Chicken from Memorial Day in Bandera

Are You Ready for Texas BBQ?

The Bandera Pro Rodeo returns this May to the Cowboy Capital of the World. Mark you calendar for May 24–26th, 2019. The 36th annual PRCA Memorial Day Rodeo will be held at the Mansfield Park Arena in Bandera, Texas. While we are eagerly looking forward to thrilling rodeo events, we’re also getting mighty hungry here at Hyo Silver. The Bandera Pro Rodeo brings the oh-so tasty, finger-licking fun of the annual “Get Your Cook-On” BBQ Cook-Off competition. And let’s just say, we can’t wait. Here are the 10 Best Things about this epically delicious competition!


The 10 Best Things About The Annual “Get Your Cook-On” BBQ Cook-Off!


1. Taste the Best of Texas Barbecue!

Mmm… we can almost smell the pit smoke. Who would have guessed the best thing about a BBQ competition is how it tastes? Chicken, ribs, brisket, nom, nom, and nom. Cooking teams use smokers, grills, dry rubs, oh-so secret sauces, and finely tuned family recipes to compete for the championship title. Competition leads to innovation and invention, so the BBQ plates are the best of the best. And the cook-off grounds smell better than a springtime rain!

Bandera BBQ Competition

The “Last Call” BBQ team shows us some winning brisket and ribs!

2. Experience a Form of Art.

Ask any cook on the team and they’ll agree: Barbecue is an art! The contestants at the BRPRA 10th Annual “Get Your Cook-On” BBQ Cook-Off take it to the next level whether competing in Saturday’s competitions for meat (Chicken, Pork Spare Ribs, and Brisket), Best in the West Beans, or in the “Buckin’ Bloody Mary” Competition. We have no doubt these are artists exploring their creativity! Friday Night’s Round-Up includes entries for “Cowboy Steak Night,” “Round-Up BBQ Sauce,” and “Cowgirl Margaritas.” What will we see this year? One never knows.

Best Bloody Mary Competition
Buckin' Bloody Mary Competition
Bloody Mary Competition

Check out these animated bloodies. Special love to “Vatos Locos” BBQ team for this jalapeno infused drink.

3. Meat Fun New Friends.

Why go to an event featuring tasty meats? Because you can “meat up” with fun people! You’ll meet like-minded people with a love for people, the great outdoors, and most importantly, barbecue! There is no doubt that Texan barbecue fans are a fun bunch. If you love pit smoke as much of most of the attendees at this event than you will more than likely “meat them” again down the trail at other cook-offs. You’re guaranteed to make a lot of new friends!

BBQ Friendships

The “Good Life” BBQ Team’s motto sums it up; Good Food, Good Friends, Good Life!

4. Sample From the Pit.

If you are really good at making friends, you may be able to get score some delicious samples from the pit! Sometimes teams will give out plates for a donation and the money goes to support their favorite non-profit organization. We see this as a win-win!

BBQ Pit Samples

5. Win Bold Awards for Your BBQ Craft.

As if the Q claim to fame wasn’t enough? Prizes for champion cookers range by category, everything from cash to cast-iron skillets. After the scores have been tallied, competitors gather and excitedly await results. At the Bandera Pro Rodeo “Get Your Cook-On” BBQ Cook-Off, the Grand Champion and Reserve Champion teams walk away with a bold belt buckle, proudly sponsored by Hyo Silver.

BBQ Competition Prizes

BBQ Competition Grand Prize
BBQ Competition Prize

6. Spend Time with Family.

Like the age old saying goes, “food brings people together.” Cooking, camping, competing, and eating together makes for lasting memories and lots of quality family time. We love the team pride of the Blanco Creek Ranch Bar-B-Que Company!

BBQ Family Fun
BBQ Family Fun

7. Judge the Tastiest of the Tastiest.

That’s right! You could get picked to be judge the BBQ competition! Plates are submitted to the contest judges in non-distinct styrofoam containers with ticket numbers as the only identifier. Forks ready, judges sample and score all the entries. It’s a foodie’s dream gig! Next time you hear of a BBQ cook-off coming up, inquire about being a judge—you won’t regret it!

BBQ Judge

8. Get Your Parade On.

Don’t miss the Memorial Day parade down Main Street Bandera! Pick up some fun freebies such as Bandera Pro Rodeo buttons (ahem, that get you free admission to the rodeo) and Hyo Silver Koozies and Ball Caps! Better pick up some Hyo Silver swag so you can look the part.

Bandera Memorial Day Parade

9. Attend Rodeo Events in the Evening!

The BPRA cook-off takes place at the Mansfield RV Park, which is just a few feet away from the Mansfield Arena where the Bandera Pro Rodeo will be hosting three exciting nights of PRCA Rodeo! A must-see event in the Cowboy Capital of the World! Get your tickets for the event here!

Bandera Pro Rodeo
Bandera Pro Rodeo Belt Buckle

10. Enjoy one Fun-Filled Day!

OK, so you are saying awesome BBQ, good people, and fun events? Sounds like the perfect way to jumpstart summer! Bandera, Texas is a great place to spend this Memorial Day weekend with a parade, thrilling rodeo events, and some oh-so-good BBQ. Bring your family and friends or find some new ones!

Do you think you have pit skills? Are you interested in competing in Best of the West Beans, Chicken, Rib, or Brisket categories? See if you have what it takes! Get the contestant information and application for the Bandera Pro Rodeo “Get Your Cook-On” BBQ Cook Off here!

Bandera BBQ Cook-0ff


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