Do you love a lineman? A firefighter or paramedic? Or do you have a loved one who works in the oil fields or on an oil rig?

It takes a special type of person to tackle these demanding jobs. These workers dedicate their lives to keeping us safe and providing us with the energy resources we need to thrive. The work is physically demanding and the risks are high. But when duty calls and storms rage, they head to work. Here at Hyo Silver we celebrate and send special thanks the linemen, oil workers, firefighters, and paramedics for taking on these tough jobs.

Oil Field Specialist

Onshore or offshore, those employed in the oil field know the stakes are high. Spanning weeks or months on end, these lengthy jobs are not only high risk and physically demanding, but also mentally challenging, as duties are carried out great distances from home. Additionally, these professions in hydraulic fracking, drilling, pipelining, flowback, safety, engineering, and geology yield trade require several years of experience and specialty training.

Oil Rig Work Wearing Hyo Silver Pendant
Hyo Silver Oil Worker Pendant

Oil field workers have a strong work ethic and spend labor-intensive days outside. Living out in the middle of the ocean also presents extreme challenges. Whether it’s midsummer in the desert conditions of the West Texas Permian Basin, or a bone chilling winter in the Bakken Field of North Dakota, these specialists show true grit and do what it takes to get the job done.  Staying safe, day and night, is a point of pride for these dedicated workers who keep the oil flowing for the benefit of us all.

To show your pride for the oil worker in your life, Hyo Silver has crafted the Oil Field Belt Buckle and the Oil Derrick Cross Pendant. Wearing these items will remind you to honor your loved ones and friends working in the oil fields as well as offer comfort. They also make great gifts for your favorite rig worker. Be sure to check out the Pumpjack Cross Pendant! 

Blackjack - Petroleum Engineering - Texas Tech University
Oil Derrick Cross Pendant with Blackest Black

Black Gold Oil Field Belt Buckle
Oil Worker Belt Hyo Silver



We understand the mental and physical challenges that each new workday brings to the men and women who work as linemen. This career requires extensive training and safety preparations. The job also regularly requires workers to leave their homes and families for extended callouts to other areas. Adding in the long hours and severe weather conditions make for a difficult and highly unpredictable job.

Hyo Silver thanks the men and women who keep the power on and who restore it quickly after a storm. You can honor them, too, with the Custom Lineman Cross Pendant. It’s a perfect gift for your lineman or for anyone who loves one.

Custom Lineman Cross


Firefighters & Paramedics

Firefighters and paramedics work to save lives, protect the public, and keep our communities safe. These first responders fight dangerous fires and give medical treatment to anyone in need during an emergency, rescue, or disaster. Tough jobs, indeed! They go through extensive training, and regularly put their lives on the line, with the goal of helping people in need. Every community, large or small, depends on these first responders. Hyo Silver salutes the dedicated efforts of brave firefighters and paramedics everywhere. To honor them, we create custom belt buckles commemorating their service for individuals or organizations. This custom Ohio Belt Buckle is artfully designed and celebrates the workers who work in EMS and fire departments. Let us know if we can create one for you. 

Firefighter Hyo Silver Belt Buckle


Honor and support your favorite lineman, oil worker, firefighter, or paramedic with a Hyo Silver pendant or belt buckle. Show them how much you appreciate the complexity of their work and their proud service with tough jobs. These accessories are the perfect reminder of family and friends who work these tough jobs. The pendant and buckle also are meaningful gifts, ideal for the upcoming holidays.



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