At Hyo Silver we aim to offer the best quality .925 sterling silver chains for all our customers. By offering various styles, widths and lengths, our chains and necklaces provide a wide range for all body types and individual styles. Find the perfect fit whether for yourself or as a gift with our helpful Chain Guide.

When purchasing a pendant, cross pendant or charm, make sure to select your favorite chain for a discounted rate! When the item and chain are added together to your cart, an auto discount is applied to the chain at checkout. Who doesn’t love a discount!

Tips for Selecting a Length:

Silver chain sizing for Women: Typically, women can wear all sizes. Match jewelry to a look: A shorter silver chain necklace works with lower-cut garments and is good for everyday wear. Wearing long chains (24” -30”) compliments larger sized pendants and is a popular look as they can be worn to create long vertical lines, giving the illusion of added height.

Standard Silver Chain Sizes for Women*

16″ – Wraps loosely around the neck
18″ – At collarbone
20″ – A few inches below collarbone
22″ – At or above neckline
24″ – Below the neckline
26″ – Between the neckline and bust
28″ – Sits at bust
30” – Hangs below the bust

Silver chain sizing for Men: For men, the silver chain should sit at the collarbone when it is worn with an open shirt collar. Men’s silver chain necklaces generally measure between 18 inches and 20 inches in length for a necklace chain that will lie at the collarbone. It is recommended to choose the next size up for larger neck sizes.

Standard Silver Chain Sizes for Men*

18″ – Base of the neck
20″ – Sits at collarbone
22″ – A few inches below the collarbone
24″ – Just above the sternum
26″ – Between the neckline and sternum
28″ – Sits at chest
30” – Below sternum

Necklace Measurement Guide



*Note: It is recommended to choose the next size up for larger neck sizes. Sizing for Children: The 16 inch will sit at or below the collarbone of a child.

Chain Widths:

Hyo Silver bales and jump rings come in various shapes and sizes, most allowing for a 5mm or thinner chain width. If you have any questions about chain sizing, please contact our Customer Service Team at 877-796-7961 option 3.

Rope Chain Width: 3.3 mm


Rolo Chain Width: 3.5 mm


Figaro Chain Width: 5.5 mm


Barrel Chain Width: 2.5 mm


Silver Cable Chain Width: 4.8 mm


Spiga Chain Width: 2.2 mm


Oxidized Cable Chain Width: 4.8mm


Omega Chain Width: 3.0 mm


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