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The NEW Honey Bee Collection 🐝

There’s a real buzz of excitement here at Hyo Silver. A honey of an idea has been whirling around our creative hive for a while now and we can’t wait to share this sweet treat with you. Introducing the Hyo Silver Honey Bee Collection.

Crafted with care and realistic details, this full collection of hand-crafted bee-uties includes bee-inspired earrings, pendants, a charm, ring, and a bracelet. Each piece is a celebration of love for our fuzzy little pollinator friends and, really, dripping with charm.

Why bees you might ask? Bees are the unsung heroes of our world. Ranchers, farmers, and everyone involved with livestock and rodeo understand the importance of these busy workers and why they should be celebrated. Bees keep our environment moving and constantly growing. Without them there would be no grass to grow, veggies to harvest, or cattle to feed, and certainly no honey for your tea. Bee populations have been decreasing at an alarming rate. Farmers and beekeepers, as well as many concerned individuals, have been working diligently over the past decade on bee repopulation efforts. We salute these efforts and wanted to celebrate our love of bees with you, our valued customers. That’s why we created these sweet new pieces! Help us spread the joy and importance of bees everywhere.

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The Collection: What’s in the Honeycomb? 🍯

You could say our Honey Bee Stud Earrings and Ring are the bee’s knees. They feature bee-utifully cast sterling silver bees with rhodium plating for a shine that lasts longer than a summer’s day. Add a splash of color with the new Honey Bee Charm or Layered Honey Bee Charm Pendant, which boasts a honey-golden citrine stone and cast bee. Without a doubt, these pieces are sure to impress all fellow bee-lievers. Additionally, this includes the release of our Layered Charm Pendants that are an easy switch out and go accessory when paired with the Y Charm Necklace.

But we’re not stopping there. Dive into the hive and surround yourself with sweetness with the Honeycomb & Bee Earrings, Pendant, and Bracelet. Caring for bees is strenuous. Beekeepers work just as hard as their busy bees. We took inspiration from this hard work for this special design. The silver honeycomb design features drops of honey yellow gold engraved scrolls topped with a busy worker bee buzzing around for an environmental feel. Each design embodies the sweet nectar from our little-legged friends as well as the skill of craft honey artisans. This set will have you glowing like a jar of honey.
Honeycomb Earrings and Pendant Design

Let’s bee serious! Bees are more than just cute—they’re essential! They are tirelessly pollinating our crops and keeping our planet blooming and beautiful. And here in Bandera and the Texas Hill Country, where ranchers and farmers roam, we know just how crucial they are. We’re grateful more people are taking time to learn about bees and the benefits they bring to the land in terms of crop production and flowering vegetables. (Plus as an added bonus, in Texas, you could qualify for a state Ag exemption for cultivating bees.) We also hope our Honey Bee Collection expands awareness to bee health and crop production and spreads the word about these environmental superheroes.

Just like the bees, we’ve been busy bees ourselves, listening to your feedback and pollinating new designs that sparkle and shine with that signature Hyo flair. So whether you’re a bee-liever yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend, sister, or significant other, our Honey Bee Collection is the bee-all and end-all of stylish sterling silver accessories. Come join the buzz!

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