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Custom Designs Inspired by Real Customers

We love working with customers to customize truly unique and special designs that commemorate and promote what matters most to them. Designing personalized jewelry and accessories is a craft of the hands, mind, and heart for the team at Hyo Silver. Everyday we get to work one-on-one with customers, and we take great pride in ensuring their experience and the final design is awesome and memorable. We thought we would share a few stories and customized western designs that we have recently created. We hope these stories inspire you to begin creating your own one-of-a-kind pendant, ring, belt buckle or other personalized heirloom accessory.

Recent Custom Design Projects

Concept 1) Generational Family Design

Recently a customer came into our Bandera, Texas showroom wanting to have custom rings made for her daughter, her mom, and herself. Generational customs are a wonderful idea! We were inspired by this concept and were honored to help create custom rings that now serve as a shared daily reminder of family and history. Whether you want to add a family brand, birthstones, or initials — your designer will help you customize the perfect heirloom piece!

Hyo Silver Real Customer Generational Rings

Concept 2) Graduation Gift Design

A new college graduate deserves to commemorate that achievement. We worked to make a special keepsake ring for a new 2021 grad recently. Her rings had an even greater meaning in that she was the first college graduate in her family! A custom class ring is a momentous way to celebrate her hard work and dedication. We wish nothing but the best for her in all future endeavors.

Hyo Silver Custom Ring Design Inspired by Real Customers

Concept 2) Just For Mom Design

Being a mom is one of the greatest rewards and honors. We love working on custom gifts that recognize moms who so often go above and beyond. We are able to customize mother’s rings featuring gemstones for each child’s birth month. We can also add special engraving. This is a meaningful daily reminder of motherhood and makes a wonderful Mother’s Day, birthday, or “just because” gift for moms.

Hyo Silver Custom Mother's Rings Inspired by Real Customers

Concept 4) Wedding Day Design

A wedding and marriage is a celebratory occasion that you will remember for a lifetime. From the flowers to the cake, all these details will be kept among the most precious of memories. We are so excited to share our NEW Gift Collection, inspired by a customer looking for special keepsake cake set servers. This personalized design has now become the first available in our latest one-of-a-kind collection. These servers can be used long after the wedding cake has been eaten. They can be used at special family dinners and celebratory events for years to come. Customizing the servers with a family name or brand makes this a truly heirloom piece that you can pass down generation to generation.

Cake Server Custom Designs Inspired by Real Customers

Concept 5) Commemorate Significant Achievements

Customizing a belt buckle is a fun endeavor and there are so many options! Gift a custom buckle for a rodeo win, a high school or college graduation, a wedding, or perhaps because you just won a legal case. Recently, we worked with a customer and designed matching customized buckles for him and his lawyer to commemorate their win in court. They choose to add  the wording “Sic semper trannis,” which is Latin for “thus always to tyrants.” The phrase has a lot of history and emboldens this personalized design with great meaning.

Hyo. Silver Custom Belt Buckle

The best way to start a custom order is online! You may browse all of our styles and product options, and then choose the base style you like best. Keep in mind that there will be many additional customization options that will be presented after you choose a base design. At the bottom of every custom product page there is “Start Design” button. Once clicked, you can browse and select from custom options – background, stones, lettering, figures, and more. Within 24 hours (Monday -Friday) from submitting your design request, you will receive an email from your Design Associate with their contact information. Within 5-10 days they will send you a design layout to review. You can approve the design or make changes with your designer. It’s a collaborative process!

Once you approved the design and make a deposit your custom item will be put into production! Production time is 8-10 weeks. We can’t wait to help you make your custom design come to life! Feel free to call and speak to one of our Design Associates if you have any questions.

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