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Salute to Special Moms!

Hyo Silver is thrilled to honor Moms! This Sunday we celebrate Mother’s Day, and we wanted to take a moment to honor all the special women who have an extraordinary impact on our lives. Moms have a way of making us feel safe and showing us how to grow. Moms are our roots and our wings. We celebrate Moms for all the big and little things they do, and for the unconditional love that they share.

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During our 2018 Moms Are Special Contest, we heard from families across the country. We were honored and inspired to read your stories of extra-special Moms going above and beyond for their family, friends, and community. It was incredibly difficult to select a few entries for contest prizes. We received stories about so many incredible and strong women.

For Mother’s Day, and every day, we want to offer a Hyo Silver salute all the Moms out there. As we reviewed your family photos and learned about these incredible women, we know for sure that Moms are special. We wish all the Moms out there a very Happy Mother’s Day.


Congrats Laura E. from Grand Bay, AL!
Nominated by daughter Ashley.

Mother's Day Contest Winner

About this Mom: “My mom has always gone above and beyond. Worked extra hard to make sure we had everything we needed. Mounted me on horses growing up that help me grow into the rider I am today. Here is a picture of her coming to support me at a local rodeo.” -Ashley E.


Congrats April H.Z. from Holabird, SD.
Nominated by daughter Tanegai.

Mother's Day

About this Mom: “Fighters raise fighters and let me tell you this woman has fought some battles.i wish I could go back to this day and drink all her lemonade and listen to her in the Australian accent she has tell me “I am your mother you can’t drink all my lemonade.” Good joke mom!” -Tanegai Z.


Congrats Melody P. from Ft. Lupton, CO.
Nominated by friend Paige L.

Mother's Day Photo Contest

About this Mom: “Melody has been a friend of mine for 6 maybe 7 years now. I’ve been able to watch her raise her daughter into a lovely young woman- completely on her own. Since she was 17, Melody has been an amazing mom and handled the challenges of being a single mom with nothing but grace. She’s an inspiration to me and others, always sharing her contagious smile and giving us a good laugh when we need it. She will give you her last dime and the shirt off her back without question, and has raised her daughter to have the same kind heart.” -Paige L



We salute you Moms! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.



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