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Hyo Silver Salutes Moms!

Hyo Silver is excited to be celebrating Moms for one simple reason: These ladies have an extraordinary impact on our lives. On a daily basis, in little and big ways, Moms make our days easier, create everlasting memories filled with love, and show us how to grow.

During our Moms Are Special Contest, we heard from hundreds of you across the country. We were honored and inspired to read your stories of extra-special Moms going above and beyond for their family, friends, and community. It was incredibly difficult to select a few entries for contest prizes. We received stories about so many incredible and strong women.

For Mother’s Day, and every day, we salute all the Moms out there. As we reviewed your stunning photos and learned about these beautiful and inspiring women, we know for sure that Moms are special.

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Congrats Patty M. of Live Oak, FL!

Mother's Day Image Winner

About this Mom: “Wow… where to even start. I’ll start off by saying I’ve never meet a more selfless person. This woman is the perfect example of a MOM. She lives and dedicates her whole life into being a mom. I’m sure there’s been plenty of times my sister and I have both let her down but she’s never let it show by always being there and showing her unconditional love. She’s raised two girls on her own and raised them right, in the arena. I’m grateful for the life she’s provided and the lifestyle that came with it. From all-night drives across the country to late-night practices at the barn, she’s been there and never missed a minute. Hyo Silver you said it best: “Moms ARE special” and especially this one ❤”




Prize winner

About this Mom: The amazing woman I am lucky enough to call mom is so much more than just my mother. She is my best friend. She is the caregiver to my grandmother who has had MS for 40+ years. She is the babysitter and grandmother to my beautiful daughter. She is my biggest supporter through my firefighting career, and she is a wonderful wife. My mother does so much for others she hardly ever has anytime for herself. No matter the stress and chaos she deals with daily she continues to wear a smile for all to see. My mother is one of the strongest kindest people I’m fortunate to know and have as a part of my daily life. I know everyone always says “I don’t know where I’d be without you.” For me and everyone around my mother this statement can’t be said enough. Like I always tell my mom “it isn’t easy being me, that’s why I need you.” She has never let me down and I don’t think she ever could. She’s a special woman who deserves the world when I can only afford small things. I would love to be able to give my mother this gift. She deserves to sport a piece of jewelry just as sparkly and as stunning as she is.

Mother's Day Contestant

About this Mom: “Mother of 8 children; my mom is the best! She often jokes about the number of years of her life which she has been pregnant. She is the most loving, honest, hardworking, and caring mother I know. She volunteers regularly at her church and helps a few of her elderly friends multiple times a week. However, she spends the majority of her free-time babysitting a few of her 29 grandchildren. My mother is truly an angel in disguise. I often wonder where she finds the time, patience, and energy to do everything she does. I love my mom and I hope she has the best Mother’s Day ever!”

Contest Winner for Mothers Day

About this Mom: “This is about my daughter who is the most beautiful mom. My daughter became a mother of two this year. She is beautiful inside and out. She works and takes care of a four year old, a newborn, and a husband. She cares for and makes sure her dad is OK daily and now is helping her siblings and cousins take care of their grandmother who has stage four lymphoma. She never complains. She just keeps going. She never breaks down and cries, just eyes tear up here and there. She wakes up at 4am everyday to get her children ready for the day, dropped off,  and be at her job to care for other people’s children for eight hours that’s 25 miles away. She comes home, fixes supper for her family, then heads to help with her grandmother, which is getting her home later and later every night. Her strength is amazing and her love for her family is full. As her mother I could not be more proud of the woman she has become. Loving, caring, and giving with never a complaint!”


We salute you Moms! Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.


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