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Personalized Graduation Gifts – They’ll Remember.

Giving the “best gift” isn’t easy. Sure, you can give just about any item as a gift. You’ll get a smile and a thank you from the recipient — but most likely the gift will be forgotten in no time.

If you really care about giving a gift they will remember, give a personalized memorable graduation gift. Instead of something ordinary, you’ll be giving a gift that is intensely personal. Your recipient’s smile will be filled with appreciation for the extra thought and effort you put into the gift. Your personalized gift will show how much you know and really care about the person. It will have special meaning and come straight from your heart. It will make the celebration much more special.

At Hyo Silver, we make it easy for you to customize a wide variety of pendants, rings, earrings, belt buckles, knives, and cufflinks for any occasion. You get to choose a style from our custom gallery and then work with one of our design associates to create your own special creation. You can add options such as gemstones, colored crystals, sterling silver, solid gold, scroll work, brands, figures, initials, logos, and much more. Your custom gift from Hyo Silver isn’t mass produced. It’s will be a one-of-a-kind work of art.


The perfect graduation gift takes time.
We recommend finalizing your custom order at least 12 weeks in advance!


A customized gift from Hyo Silver will also be a treasured keepsake that will be cherished forever. It will be a reminder of a special occasion or achievement, such as a graduation, anniversary, wedding, or notable birthday. A personalized gift shows your creativity and lets your recipient know that the gift was made especially for them.

Customer Spotlight: Hannah Barron

Personalized Class Ring

“I saw @hyo_silver’s collection of class rings, I knew I wanted one. The ring is anything but an ordinary class ring, just like I was anything but the ordinary college student.” – Hannah Barron INSTAGRAM: @Hannahbarron96

Creating one-of-a-kind custom jewelry is a Hyo Silver specialty. If you are craving something out of the ordinary that doesn’t look like any other gift, let us help you design an original gift that will truly stand out in the crowd.

Custom Grad Gifts

Custom Grad Gifts

Custom Graduation Pendant
Custom Class Ring Designs



STEP 1: Browse options and choose a base style to start your design.
Hyo Silver offers hundreds of different base styles for your custom gift design! Browse all the options and start thinking about your custom gift. In choosing a base design, you are really selecting the style, curves, shape, and borders. Many custom options exist beyond the base style to truly personalize your design. Once you select a base style then you can move on to the details!

STEP 2: Submit a custom design request online or contact us.
After you choose your base style, find the “start design” button on the product page for the base style you love! This will link to our easy-to-use ordering form so that you can submit details to personalize your design. This form will ask you to select custom options such as the background style, lettering color, image/figure/brand inclusion, flower metal, stone colors, and buckle backing. Want to include a logo or name on your design? This is where all these details get input—you can even upload an image!

STEP 3: Work with a Hyo Silver designer to finalize your design.
Within a few business days of receiving your custom order request you will receive an email from your designer. This email will include a digital layout of your design and instructions for the approval process. Your designer will work to incorporate the information you submitted in your design request and provide alternative options or suggestions if they are unable to incorporate any of your requests. Our designers take great pride in making you a one-of-a-kind design. Please note that written approval and a 50% deposit is required before your design can go into production.

STEP 4: We ship your design. You enjoy a customized accessory for a lifetime!
Production time for custom gifts is typically 8 weeks. Once your order is ready to ship the remainder of your balance is due and your credit card will be charged. You will receive an email with a tracking number shortly after.



Custom Pendants


Make a statement with a one-of-a-kind accessory.
Design the perfect signature gift with Hyo Silver.


Image of Belt Buckles for Graduation


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