3 Piece Sets

  • Vintage Engraved Silver Ranger Buckle Set

  • Rose Gold Ranger Buckle Set


3 Piece Sets

Historically, American 3 Piece Sets, or “Ranger Sets” were popularized by men illustrating achievements in the new country. Today, we offer these sets for the same reasons, only with masterful craftsmanship. Our stock sterling silver 3 piece buckle sets provide a strong distinguished look. Many of our customers show off their ranch brand or business on our custom 3 Piece belt buckle. The set includes a buckle, keeper, and tip cover for a belt and are available as stock items or for custom orders. Handmade and engraved from solid sterling silver and gold fill, embellished with rose gold scrolls, and traditionally, ruby red stones set in flowers, this set is reminiscent of original southern ethics and class. Hyo Silver's 3 piece Western belt buckle sets are made with a sterling silver base with 10 and 14 karat gold overlays. The gold overlay is a layer of gold mechanically bonded to the surface of the sterling silver base. Our company uses 1/10th layered gold fill which is twice the industry average. Because this layer is substantial, it provides the surface beauty of gold with added strength and hardness that last for generations. These Western buckle sets exhibit prestige from the core of their content. 3 Piece Belt Buckle Sets are made to fit a 3/4", 1", or 1 1/2" width belts.

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Pricing for Sets
Fits 1 1/2" Belt - $950
Fits 1" Belt- $825
Fits 3/4" Belt- $685