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Nature In Motion Collection

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Nature In Motion Collection

Nothing brings nature to life like movement. Hyo Silver's Nature in Motion Collection features images of animals that slide, rock, and dance. The inspiration behind this collection is the bounty of nature’s gifts. They represent the strength, yet fragility, of our earth.

 “Not long ago, I was walking by the river when a dragonfly landed on my hand,” said designer and Hyo Silver Creative Director Karen Haile. “It majestically fluttered its wings in such a way that the sunlight shone down, creating an iridescent glow.  It was so beautiful that I wished I could capture that moment forever. That is what I had in mind when I created this collection. I live in the country, so I am surrounded by animals. They are as much a part of my everyday life as my family. They ARE my friends.  I wanted to share my love for Mother Nature’s creatures by creating these unique heirloom pieces for everyone to cherish.”

 The Nature in Motion Collection includes the Dragonfly Motion Pendant, Sea Turtle Motion Pendant, and African Motion Pendant.  More surprises and stunning new designs are on the way!