Hound Dog Oval Belt Buckle

SKU: Hound Dog Oval

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Starting at $85!

The Hound Dog Oval Belt Buckle is a perfect pick for pee wee awards or for those on a budget.  Available in three different sizes: 2 x3, 3×4, and 3.25 x 4.25 to fit youth, intermediate, and adult size needs.  These buckles feature etched scrolls with no raised border.

These remarkable plated buckles are handmade and hand engraved from base materials and heavily plated with sterling silver and 10 and 14 karat gold, creating a beautiful and durable piece that will meet most budget requirements. The ornamental masterpieces illuminate with the full force of silver and gold at a perfectly affordable price. With over 100 unique buckle shapes, selections of background colors, stone colors, event figures, and custom die striking capabilities, the options for your buckles are infinite!

Bracket quantity discounts are available for orders of 6 or more.  When submitting an inquiry for a price quote, be sure to include a quantity and any additional details about your order.

*Solid sterling silver quotes are available upon request. Plated buckle price shown.

Width: 3 in.            Width: 4 in.           Width:  4 1/4 in.

Height: 2 in.           Height: 3 in.          Height: 3 1/4 in.

$85                           $110                        $135