The Great Texas Ag Schools in Texan Belt Buckles

The Great Ag Schools of Texas

The Lone Star State is known for many things: cowboy hats, barbecues, and a deep-rooted love for all things Texas. But amid the vast plains and bustling cities, one thing stands tall and proud – the Great Ag Schools of Texas. These institutions aren’t just about education; they’re about tradition, excellence, and a good ol’ country lifestyle. It’s where ranch life meets rodeos, and where everything Texas comes together in perfect harmony. And guess what? Hyo Silver feels right at home in this Texan tale.

That’s why we’re thrilled to partner with some of the finest universities and colleges in Texas to bring you branded buckles that scream school spirit louder than a bull at a rodeo.

Ag Schools in Texas

Let’s take a gander at our line-up of Texas Ag colleges and universities:

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  • ☑️ Texas A&M University – College Station
  • ☑️ Sam Houston State University
  • Stephen F. Austin State University – COMING SOON!
  • ☑️ Texas State University
  • ☑️ Tarleton State University
  • ☑️ Angelo State University
  • Texas A&M University – Commerce – COMING SOON!
  • Texas A&M University – Kingsville – COMING SOON!
  • West Texas A&M University – COMING SOON!
  • ☑️ Texas Tech University
  • ☑️ Sul Ross University
  • ☑️ Texas Christian University

Who’s on First? The First Ag School in Texas

Now, you might be wondering, which college was the first agricultural school in Texas? Well, drumroll, please… It’s none other than Texas A&M University in College Station. Established in 1876 as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, it’s been paving the way for agricultural education ever since. From agriculture to business management, science, and engineering, Texas A&M has been planting the seeds of knowledge in the agricultural industry for generations. And boy, has it grown! Today, there are over a dozen universities, colleges, and junior colleges in Texas offering a variety of agriculture programs to nurture, grow, and advance the community.

But Texas A&M isn’t the lone ranger in this rodeo. It’s got some mighty fine siblings under its wing, such as Texas A&M University–Commerce, A&M University–Kingsville, and West Texas A&M University. Each of these schools brings its own flavor and expertise to the table, offering degrees in everything including agribusiness, agricultural science and technology, animal science, wildlife and conservation science, and equine studies. Also included in the A&M University System is its sister school, Tarleton State University. For this advanced network of schools, Hyo Silver has designed numerous belt buckle styles including the Texas A&M University® Belt Buckle and the Texas A&M® Sterling Silver Dress Belt Buckle. We will also be adding West Texas A&M to the lineup. Gig ‘Em!

But Hyo Silver hasn’t stopped there with belt buckle designs. We have expanded our official university licensing to offer silversmithing services by adding ALL Texas Ag universities to our roster. This makes Hyo Silver the only licensed western belt buckle company for all Ag schools in Texas! Yeehaw!

Do You Bleed Purple?

Hyo Silver’s own vice president, Josie, certainly does! She takes pride in her years studying at her alma mater, Tarleton State University. From its red dirt culture to her classes at their College of Education, Tarleton left an indelible mark on Josie’s life. Tarleton provided her with the strong business ethics that she uses everyday in creating quality products and working with customers and employees at Hyo Silver. That’s why Hyo Silver crafted the Tarleton State University™ Belt Buckle with so much care. It’s a masterpiece! Swinging country music and dancing inspired this buckle. The twists and turns of Hyo’s signature scrollwork add incredible details to the Trinidad Belt Buckle shape. Everyone will know where your heart lies when they see the bold yellow gold lettering and purple of the Tarleton State brand. Many Ag students opt to customize this buckle with their name, major, and graduation year for a more personalized piece. Developing social skills is part of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at TSU main focus. They believe teaching strong interpersonal skills, leadership skills, and mastering the academic challenges within the field is necessary for a full education. Tarleton gives its students the comprehensive knowledge and essentials to be society-ready for all their future endeavors.

Tarleton State University Belt Buckle

Fight, Raiders, Fight!

But hold onto your cowboy hats, folks, because we’ve got even more to brag about! According to, Texas Tech University ranks among the cream of the crop when it comes to Ag schools in Texas, the Lone Star State. Nestled in Lubbock, this university is a powerhouse in advancing research about the agricultural economy, covering everything from agriculture and food sciences to business, finance, natural resource management, and animal science. It’s like the Wild West meets cutting-edge research – and we’re here for it! So whether you’re ready to “Wreck ’Em Tech” or throw your “Guns Up,” Hyo Silver has just the thing for you — the Texas Tech University Belt Buckle. With sparkling red and black stones and golden lettering that scream tradition, this buckle is a true homage to Red Raider pride. Be a champion like Texas’ own Patrick Mahomes, the Texas Tech alumnus and three-time Super Bowl champion, while wearing this hand-crafted belt buckle design. We think he’d approve!

Texas Tech University Belt Buckle

Get ready to, Ram Jam!

Now let’s mosey on over to West Texas and check out Angelo State, also part of the Texas Tech University System. Angelo offers a smorgasbord of in-depth programs through its College of Science and Engineering, including animal science, natural resource management, and agribusiness. Whether you’re a future Ram, current student, or proud alumni, the Angelo State University® Belt Buckle is the ultimate heirloom trophy for all Ram Fam members. With its swirling ram horn logo in yellow gold and vintage engraved background, this buckle gives off an enlightened, dare we say, illuminated western style. You’ll strut with pride shouting “Fiat Lux” wearing this stunning memento.

Angelo State Belt Buckle

Axe ’Em, Jacks! – COMING SOON!

And get ready to cheer, because “Axe ’Em, Jacks!” – Stephen F. Austin University is in the house! Named after the Father of Texas, this university boasts a rich history and culture, not to mention one of the top forestry and agriculture colleges in the nation. Located in the heart of East Texas, SFA is a playground for hands-on education, prepping students for real-world challenges in the field. Just like SFA, Hyo Silver is all about excellence in everything we do — with a stellar reputation for our designs, quality, and craftsmanship. Coming soon to Hyo Silver is the Stephen F. Austin Belt Buckle. It will feature brilliant violet purple stones and trophy-colored yellow gold in a distinguished style. We’re not only raising the bar, we’re setting the standard.

“Eat ’Em Up, Cats”

Texas State University is bringing the heat! Nestled in the “Heart of Texas State,” this university is surrounded by the rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country and more rivers than you can float on. (It’s also a short drive to the Hyo Silver Showroom in Bandera, Texas, The Cowboy Capital of the World.) Being in close proximity to state parks, rivers, forests, and large ranches, Texas State offers hands-on programs in horticulture, animal science, Ag business, and wildlife biology and conservation. And what better way to show off your Bobcat pride than with the Texas State University® Belt Buckle. Featuring deep red stones and a fierce silver bobcat surrounded by rose gold scrolls, this heirloom keepsake is perfect for your future office in a Buckle Presentation Case or a day out in the field.

Texas State University Belt Buckle

Tough as a Bearkat!

The Texas State University System doesn’t stop in central Texas. Sam Houston State University in East Texas has extensive research programs in both agriculture and animal science within Ag business, Ag communications, Ag engineering and technology, pre-veterinary medicine, wildlife management, and conservation biology. If you’re ready to sharpen your Bearkat claws, the striking orange bearkat paws and stones on the Sam Houston State University™ Belt Buckle take the reins of western style and design to new heights. Roar with pride.

Sam Houston State University Belt Buckle

Live the Lobo Life

Looking out to the vast horizon of the old west, you will find the quaint town of Alpine, Texas, home to Sul Ross State University. This desert town borders the Texas line, the Rio Grande, and Big Bend National Park and is surrounded by the Twin Peaks mountain range. Sul Ross offers diverse programs and hands-on life skills in natural resource management, sustainable ranch management, meat and food safety, and pre-vet medicine, to name a few. A degree from Sul Ross should be embraced with gusto. Wearing the Sul Ross State University® Belt Buckle is the ideal way to display your accomplishment with its rose gold scrolls and lettering set atop a vintage engraved scroll background and beautiful deep red brand and stones. You can also have our Designer Amanda Ranly, a Sul Ross Alumna, design your next Custom Buckle! Whether you have Lobo, Rodeo, or Ag pride, Sul Ross State is a great school to call home.

Sul Ross State University Belt Buckle

Knowledge Is Power

School spirit is pretty much a requirement if you’re a member of the Big 12. There’s no better way to show it than with the Texas Christian University® Belt Buckle. Silver and yellow gold scrolls hop around the horned frog mascot, Super Frog, for an all-around western style. TCU has taken its “Fear the Frog” mantra to a whole new meaning with a deep dedication to education. TCU has developed programs in ranch management to help students make critical sound economic and ecologic decisions. Firsthand knowledge for the advancement of agricultural research is imparted through diverse courses such as Understanding the Earth, Soil & Water Conservation, Weather & Climate, and Marketing of Livestock & Meats.

Texas Christian University Belt Buckle


While each of these Ag schools in Texas offers something unique and has its own traditions, they all exist to advance the lives of future generations. Through technology, preservation, and conservation, agriculture studies are dedicated to maintaining and strengthening the health of our planet. Farmers, ranchers, veterinarians, business people, livestock breeders, and scientists, all play a crucial role in our everyday lives. That’s why we love to support and represent the world of Ag and rodeo!

Hyo Silver also offers different shapes and sizes trophy belt buckles through our Custom Buckle Gallery and have extended our University Licensing to various other Texas universities as well as colleges throughout the United States. Our University Buckle Series offers in-stock and ready-to-ship buckle options while our custom buckles allow you to create truly one-of-a-kind university accessories celebrating any degree or accomplishment.

Just like the colleges we love, Hyo Silver is all about innovation and excellence. Our signature style, original scrollwork, and commitment to quality separates our Western university accessory designs from all competitors. So whether you’re celebrating your academic achievements or simply want to strut your stuff with one of our belt buckles, Hyo Silver is here to help you shine as bright as the Texas sun. So go ahead, partner, and buckle up.

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