New Designs for 2020

New Designs For 2020

Every year the skilled artisans at Hyo Silver look for inspiration from nature to create new signature designs. 2020 is no exception! This spring, the Hyo Silver design team is proud to showcase some fresh new collections and custom styles that you don’t want to miss. You also won’t find these stunning new designs anywhere else. Introducing the Hyo Silver new designs for 2020.

New Designs for 2020 | Dragonfly Motion Pendant
New Designs for 2020 | Turtle Motion Pendant
New Designs for 2020 | African Elephant Motion Pendant

The Nature in Motion Collection

Nothing brings nature to life like movement. The inspiration behind this collection is the strength, yet fragility, of our earth.

“Not long ago, I was walking by the river when a dragonfly landed on my hand,” said designer and Hyo Silver Creative Director Karen Haile. “It majestically fluttered its wings in such a way that the sunlight shone down, creating an iridescent glow. It was so beautiful that I wished I could capture that moment forever. That is what I had in mind when I created this collection. I live in the country, so I am surrounded by animals. They are as much a part of my everyday life as my family. They ARE my friends. I wanted to share my love for Mother Nature’s creatures by creating these unique heirloom pieces for everyone to cherish.”

The Nature in Motion Collection so far includes the Dragonfly Motion Pendant and the Sea Turtle Motion Pendant. Our new African Elephant Motion Pendant will be arriving soon. Plus, we may just have some surprises with more of these stunning designs in the future!

Turtle Necklace Pendant


New Designs for 2020 | Nautical Jewelry Collection

The Nautical Collection

Water means many things to many people. Some find it soothing and peaceful, while others are drawn to its power and inscrutability. The creators of Hyo Silver’s Nautical Collection represent both points of view. “Whether ocean, river, or pool, water has always been a calming and centering influence for me,” said collection co-creator Laurie Vanderveer.

Haley Boyd, her co-creator, sees it a little differently. “The ocean is everything we should strive to be: mysterious, beautiful, wild, and free,” Haley said. No matter what aspects of water appeal to you, the Nautical Collection answers to anyone who hears the call of the waves.

The Shipping Helm Pendant and Anchors Aweigh Pendant signify being in charge and staying grounded, but also have the meaning of a new journey. As you weather your personal storms, these designs aim to keep you on your path and centered on your goals. “Personally, the Anchors Aweigh Pendant has a huge significance for me,” Laurie said. “I’ve had life-changing events occur over the past three years, with the latest being one of my children joining the U.S. Navy. I wear my pendant every day to honor him and as a personal reminder that I am anchored in life, stable and focused.” The Blue Topaz stone featured in the Anchors Aweigh Pendant is known to be a stone of peacefulness, calming to the emotions and ideal for meditation and connecting.

“I like to feel connected to the ocean,” Haley said. “This is why I designed the Makau Hook Pendant. To me, it just represents water. It takes me back to my childhood when I would go fishing with my Dad. Those are some of my favorite memories, and fishing is still an activity that I enjoy today with my husband and my children. I hope that we are making memories that they will treasure when they are my age, just as I treasure my Makau Hook Pendant.”

As of now, the Nautical Collection includes the Shipping Helm Pendant, Anchors Aweigh Pendant, and Makau Pendant, but more water-related designs are “in the pipeline.”


By Cerise Ripps


Don’t forget, we love hearing from our fans about new designs you’d like to see added to our signature collection. We welcome your design ideas! Feel free to share your thoughts of what would make the perfect Hyo Silver design. Click here to submit your design idea.




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