Scroll Techniques and Background Coloring

Scroll techniques and background color combinations can dramatically change the look of a piece. Hyo Silver jewelry collections feature hand cut scroll or engraved scroll techniques along with a variety of background color finishes. Below, we break down the scroll techniques and background coloring used to create these original works of art.

Hand Cut Scrolls

Scroll work is cut from sheet metal and soldered on top the base design. This method creates the layered 3D effect Hyo Silver is known for, and gives the item great dimension with raised scrolls and the piece is finished with one of the following background colors:

Silver Background

Bright and eye catching; a subtle contrast to layered silver, rose gold, or yellow gold hand cut scrolls. To keep your sterling silver shining, wear often and polish with soft polishing cloth and our Gentle Jewelry cleaner.

Silver Background w Silver Scrolls
Silver Background, buckle example
Silver Background, pendant example

Oxidized Background

A chemical is applied to the base item, below the layered cutout scrolls and lettering, that causes a rapid oxidization process. This process gives your silver piece a light to medium grey coloration with a rustic vintage look and medium contrast. This process is permanent.

Oxidized Background, ring example
Oxidized Background, buckle example
Oxidized Background, pendant example

Black Antique Background

Also know as “antiqued” or “black antiqued” is a semi-permanent jeweler’s paint. Creating a high contrast between the base design and the layered cut out scrolls, the finished look is very dramatic, and one of Hyo Silver’s most recognizable looks. Over time and daily usage the black background may fade or wear off. Complimentary reapplication of antique is available.

Antique Black Background, ring example
Antique Black Background, buckle example
Antique Black, pendant example

Engraved Scrolls

Also done by hand, but the scrollwork is etched into the base design for a more polished style; choose from two finishes – Bright Silver Engraved or Vintage Engraved:

Bright Silver Engraved

This is a vibrant shining finish after the scroll work is etched into sterling silver. Keep it clean and bright by using a soft polishing cloth and our Gentle Jewelry Cleaner.

Bright Silver Engraved Scrolls
Bright Silver Engraved Scrolls, buckle example
Bright Silver Engraved Scrolls, pendant example

Vintage Engraved

The engraved silver is processed with an oxidization liquid to accelerate oxidization, creating more depth in the etched scrolls and a vintage, timeless look! Keep polished with a silver polishing cloth.

Vintage Engraved Scrolls
Vintage Engraved Scrolls, buckle example
Vintage Engraved Scrolls, pendant example

PLEASE NOTE:Complimentary professional jewelry cleaning and background color refurbishment is available for the life of all Hyo Silver jewelry when you visit our showroom or send your items in.


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