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How to Choose Unique Men’s Wedding Bands

One of the most significant pieces of jewelry in a man’s life is his wedding ring. Before you speak your vows, you and your future spouse can choose the perfect wedding band that represents your love. Western wedding bands make a great option with a timeless style to last a lifetime. Here are some design and style ideas to help you find unique men’s silver wedding bands for less and give you the perfect wedding ring look for this important piece of jewelry!


Types of Men’s Wedding Bands and Costs

The first step to choosing men’s wedding rings is to learn about the different types. Wedding band sets come in a variety of metals and other materials. Each material has different pros and cons, such as durability and price. Sterling silver wedding rings are Hyo Silver’s speciality. Our Vintage Engraved Silver Ring is just one of many timeless styles. Sterling silver wedding bands are a great color for everyday wear and an affordable option. The signature style of Hyo Silver’s silver wedding bands are far from ordinary and many feature delicate gold overlays.

Classic Bright Silver Scroll Ring
Western Silver & Rope Ring
Classic Antiqued Gold Scroll Ring

Ring Width

After deciding on a type of material for a wedding band and determining a budget, the next decision is the width of the ring. Men’s rings are typically wider than women’s rings. Your hand size, comfort, and personal preference may dictate how wide you want your ring. The standard ring width for men’s wedding bands is about 3/8th of an inch. Men with larger hands may go a little bigger, and a smaller hand size could go with a narrower band. Hyo Silver offers a variety of styles with different band widths. Our most popular size for men is 3/8th inch and we offer a large selection in this popular size. Our Barbed Wire & Rope Ring, Vintage Engraved Silver Ring, and Classic Bright Gold Scroll Ring are just a few. We also have a selection of narrower bands at 1/4th inch including the Gold Scroll Narrow Banded Ring, Gold Scroll Narrow Banded Ring, Silver Scroll Narrow Banded Ring and Silver Scroll & Antiqued Narrow Banded Ring.

Gold Scroll & Antiqued Narrow Banded Ring
Classic Bright Gold Scroll Ring
Classic Western Ring

Unique Details

Men’s wedding bands don’t have to be simple. Many guys like a ring that has some decorative details. Wedding bands represent the ultimate commitment, so make sure you choose something that you love! It’s really about finding the wedding band that represents your style. Some men decide to add gemstones to their wedding bands, like in our Bright Scrolled Silver & Crystal band, instead of sticking with the standard plain ring. A few small crystals to accent your ring will give it a little more sparkle. It’s also still an affordable wedding band! These finer details can give you an exquisite ring that stands out from all of the rest. Hyo Silver rings all have a signature look and some unique details. You just have to decide how much bling you want!

Bright Gold Scrolled Silver & Crystal Band
Scrolled & Antiqued Silver Crystal Band

Western Wedding Bands

Do you have the heart of a cowboy? A western-themed wedding band is probably why you are shopping HyoSilver.com in the first place. Are you a country guy? Do you love horses or cowboy culture? Hyo Silver’s men’s wedding band collection includes plenty of stylish western wedding bands that could capture you and your love’s devotion to each other. The Barbed Wire wedding band is an edgy style that gives a wedding ring an instant cool upgrade. The Classic Western wedding band is a subtler look that shows off your country heritage.

Barbed Wire & Rope Ring
Gold & Silver Laurel Ring

Personalized Men’s Wedding Bands

Want to design your own wedding band? Customizing your wedding band may be one of the most unique options! Hyo Silver designers work with couples daily to help create a personalized one-of-a-kind design. It’s popular to add initials or a brand that help tell your love story and add special meaning to this important symbol. It’s important to plan ahead when considering a custom wedding band. Production time runs approximately 8 weeks, which does not include design time or time in transit. Learn more by visiting our custom order guide before you start your custom ring design.

Custom Band with Silver Scrolls
Custom Vintage Engraved Band
Double RimRock Band with Rope

Matching Wedding Sets

While some couples opt for individual styles for their wedding rings, many people want to have matching wedding sets. Choosing matching wedding bands can help show off your commitment to each other and solidify your lifetime bond. Matching wedding rings are typically purchased together and are made with the same material and finish. Hyo Silver is honored to work with couples to create unique, coordinated and personalized wedding rings for him and her.

Devotion Forever Ring Set (Forever Set 5)
Adore Forever Ring Set

Ring Maintenance

Once you and your spouse recite your vows and place your rings on each other’s fingers, it’s important to continue to care for your wedding band well after the ceremony and beyond. First, wearing your ring everyday exposes it to daily dirt and grime, so be sure to get on a consistent
cleaning routine. Hyo Silver sells a very popular jewelry cleaning kit formulated to clean sterling silver, gold, gold overlay, and all types of porous gemstones.

Your wedding band should represent your commitment to your partner as well as your personal
style. Check out some unique western men’s wedding bands from Hyo Silver that could help you demonstrate your love for your future spouse.


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