Jacob Bryant

Jacob Bryan Country Music Star / Brand Ambassador

Jacob Bryant

Country Music Singer & Song Writer


Jasper, Georgia

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How I Got Started

My family has always played and sang, I guess I just was born with the itch to play.

What Inspires Me

Real life stuff, I can’t just write about fiction, it has to be deep and meaningful for me to get into it.

Favorite Quote

You can’t beat the best unless you ARE the best hand!

Three of My Favorite Things

Family, God, & the Great Outdoors

Advice I would Give to Someone Wanting to Follow in My Footsteps

Just work hard and be the best you can be, write your own songs, and make your own path.  Never try to be anything other than yourself.

Why I love Hyo Silver

Great people & amazing products that are true to the old way of doing things; crafting beautiful pieces by hand. Love that about Hyo!

Where You Can Find Me Playing

We are pickin’ up more dates on the tour, catch the dates at this link.


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