Black Onyx Collection

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Onyx & Navajo Pearl Necklace

Onyx & Navajo Pearl Bracelet

Onyx Beaded Charm

Y Collection Charm

Due to its positive qualities, the Black Onyx, is helpful in grounding and balancing yourself while also providing protection from harm. The powerful rich black gemstone shields you from negative energy and can bring strength and willpower to anyone who wears it. Pairs perfectly with Leos.

This black onyx charm would make a perfect addition to the Y Necklace.

Sterling Silver

Size: 10mm faceted, round Genuine Onyx Gemstone Bead

This item is non-customizable.

Night Sky Pendant

None Marbled +$ 5.00 Flowers +$ 5.00 Textured White +$ 5.00 Golden Holly +$ 5.00

Elegant and mysterious, the Black Onyx Collection brings all your favorite dark stone pieces together for the ultimate monochromatic look.

Pick your favorite pieces and complete the set. Matching pieces include pendant, necklace, and Navajo Pearl Necklaces. Many chain styles and length options are also available.