Howlite Collection

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Luna Necklace

Light up the night with our enchanting Luna Pendant Necklace. Designed to showcase the gorgeous Howlite stone that holds the hues of Earth's glowing moon. With deep contrasting veining and calming monochromatic tones, this necklace will inspire! Pairs with the matching Luna Earrings.

Sterling Silver with 9x6mm Pear Howlite Cabochon.

Wheat Chain: 17-18 in.
Charm Height: 5/8 in.
Charm Width: 7/8 in.

This item is non-customizable.

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Luna Earrings

Discover your inner moonlight with the Luna Earrings. Like the moon, each Howlite stone emits a warm creamy white hue against deep shadowy veins making each stone unique. These hand selected stones are surrounded by our signature engraved silver scrolls, making this set out of this world! Pairs with the matching Luna Necklace.

Sterling Silver with 6x9mm Pear Shaped Howlite Stone. Sterling Silver Hooks.

Height: 7/8 in.
Width: 5/8 in.

Howlite & Navajo Pearl Necklace

Howlite & Navajo Pearl Bracelet

Howlite Beaded Charm

Y Collection Charm

Howlite beads are known as the calming stone. Tempering the overactive mind, Howlite brings forward emotional balance and an introspective silence turning crashing waves into a steady flow. The contrasting chalk white background with dark veins will bring harmony to your mind and body. Perfectly paired with Gemini.

This would make a perfect addition to the Y Necklace.

Sterling Silver

Size: 10mm smooth, round Genuine Howlite Gemstone Bead

This item is non-customizable.
None Marbled +$ 5.00 Flowers +$ 5.00 Textured White +$ 5.00 Golden Holly +$ 5.00

Find an everyday enchantment and timeless style with the Howlite Collection. Elevate your look by layering our stunning monochromatic coordinating Navajo Pearls, Luna Earrings & Necklace.

Pick your favorite pieces and complete the set. Matching pieces include earrings, pendant, necklace, and Navajo Pearl Necklaces. Many chain styles and length options are also available.