Custom Quote Timeline

Custom Order Timeline: 16 Weeks

Artwork & Approval Process 1 – 2 Weeks

Production Time 8 – 12 Weeks

Receive Custom Order 1 – 2 Weeks

Custom Order Timeline

  • Artwork is emailed in 1 to 10 business days.
  • Changes to artwork are typically processed by the next business day
  • Final Approvals and Payment Processing approximately 3 business days
  • Production Time is approximately 8 weeks to 12 weeks
  • Occasionally additional production time is required to ensure accuracy of the final product or for special product services.
  • We recommend finalizing a custom order with approval and payment for any special occasion or ceremony at least 16 weeks in advance.

Artwork & Approval Processes

1. Initial Artwork Email: Priority Status Vs. Regular Requests

Priority Status (w/ 50% Deposit) Requests: Custom order requests submitted with payment are prioritized by our Design Team and moved to the front of the line daily. Our goal is to email the artwork back to the customers by the next business day.

Regular Requests: Custom order requests submitted without 50% deposit are processed after requests for payments. Our goal is to return artwork within 10 business days but will do so sooner if orders with priority status are low.

2. Artwork Soft Approval

Designer will send you artwork from their email address for your review. Please ensure all elements of the design, color options, and lettering options are correct and to your liking, including but not limited to: Base metal choice, scroll color, background color, stone color, lettering, spelling, item, quantity, item measurements, stone size and shape, and all sizing and measurements.

After carefully reviewing the design and ensuring there are no more changes to communicate to your Designer, reply to the email with “I approve this design”. This approval is what we call the “soft approval”. Changes are permitted after the soft approval, but not after the Final Approval.

3. Artwork Final Approval Process: Priority Status Vs. Regular Requests

Priority Status (w/ 50% Deposit) Requests: Final Artwork Approval is sent via email through Docusign. Because you have already paid a 50% deposit, only final artwork approval is required at this time. If any of your custom order selections added to the cost of the item, that balance is added to your final payment, so the final payment may be more than your original payment. Signing the Docusign agreement confirms approval of artwork and acceptance of our custom order approval agreement. Do not approve artwork if you have changes. There are no changes permitted after final approval.

Regular Requests: Final Artwork Approval and 50% deposit are sent together via an emailed secure payment link, e-invoice, with artwork attached. You may choose to pay in full or 50% Deposit. Your payment confirms approval of artwork and acceptance of our custom order approval agreement. Do not pay the e-invoice if you have changes. There are no changes permitted after final approval.

Licensing Requirements & Limitations

Almost all universities, associations, and organizations have protected names and/or logos that require licensing agreements or an approval process for replication. We can acquire some permissions through our in-house licensing permissions process. In the event a customer has paid in advance something that requires licensing permissions and we cannot obtain it, the customer will be refunded in full.

Artwork Defined

The design layout is a simple digital mockup of the chosen design elements that illustrates placement of lettering and figures on a custom jewelry, buckle, accessory or gift item. The layout states dimensions on of the piece and any sizing choices, like ring size or stone shape and size so the customer can review for accuracy before finalizing the order.

Handmade Items

The beauty of handcrafted items is that no two items are ever exactly alike resulting in a truly unique experience. Customers that prefer highly precise and exact items should consider an item from our current catalog as those can be exchanged or refunded, custom items are non-refundable. Expect artistic variances from one piece to the next, and subtle differences between artwork and the final custom piece, as items are not machine precision cut, but cut by the hand of a highly skilled artesian.

Additional Production Time

Occasionally, extra production time is required to ensure quality and accuracy of the order which may add several weeks to the estimated production time. If a mistake is made, we take ownership and work to get it corrected. We do not offer any discounts for longer production time nor can we give exact dates of completion. Most of the time, these issues are corrected within 4 weeks. We understand that this may be an unacceptable solution for some customers, so we ask customers to consider this possibility before finalizing your order.

Change Orders/ Post-Production Changes

No changes are permitted once final approval is made. Customers should not sign the docusign final approval or pay the final approval e-invoice if any other changes are needed. Instead, contact your designer for requested changes and the final approval will be resent. Should a customer require a change order or post production change after giving the final approval, the order will first be completed, then resubmitted for the change, which starts the production time over. Post-production will add to the cost timeline of completion for the item.


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